Daniel Karpen

Professional Engineer & Consultant, P.C.

Mr. Daniel Karpen is a professional Engineer with over 20 years experience in HVAC and energy conservation consulting.

He performs all phases of energy conservation work from audits of buildings through the specification of various technologies and building commissioning. For articles about his work, see the links below.


In evaluating Chromalux lamps, New York lighting engineer and consultant Daniel Karpen, considers them superior to standard incandescent lamps in color rendition due to Neodymium Oxide, a rare earth compound in the glass of the bulb that is able to absorb the yellow light emitted from the filament of the lamp. The reduction in the yellow increases the color saturation of greens, reds, and blues, making them more vivid. Karpen also recommends the lamps for use in any retail environment to improve the appearance of all merchandise.

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